Online Community Tribe round-up

Standing out in the crowd, from my Flickrstream.

Posts on Online Community Tribe “writing assignment,” for Tuesday, July 14, the second Tuesday this month. Focus on Influence.

Will add in any article or post that is requested to be part of today’s set.  (Just post your link here, tag #octribe or tweet @wellgail)

The initial question:

What are the top three things you do or wish you could do for your community “influencers”?

(Define community any way you please — a group of peers, customers, people with similar interests, people using a communications platform, etc. Define “do for” as you wish — support, create a tool, inspire, learn more about, etc.)  Added angles to explore:  Who in your communities is an influencer of others?  As a facilitator, moderator or community manager, how do you work with the most influential people in your network? As a designer, how would you accommodate the opinion leaders? Got three top tips for rewarding these valued members of a group?

The round up so far, on this initial topic:

Bill Johnston recaps valuable research from the Online Research Network on the state of  Community Influencer Programs with useful real-world examples.

Gam Dias writes about Influencers – and defining yours.!

Me with a recap of  the rise and fall of the Influencer concept, and the value of seeing this in the context of attention.

This post is part of the OC Tribe series. Each 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of the month, online community practitioners will be encouraged to explore a particular topic via blog, video blog, twitter, or whatever suites your fancy. The recap will be hosted on the site of another one of the bloggers in the loosely defined OCTribe group. This ad-hoc group (movement?) is just starting up, so please join in!

Next host will be Bill Johnston for July 28…  See his link  above.  He’ll base the next assignment  on ideas from this article from Forbes: