Salon is keeping The WELL

night crossing, actual neon rain reflections from last night, originally uploaded by me as fotogail at flickr

Seasons change, and they come back around again. Today Salon Media Group made it public: They have suspended all efforts to sell The WELL! We who work there are happy.

Back in 2005, Salon announced that a sale to an appropriate buyer would be considered. We have not been able to talk about the reversal of that intention until the SEC filing that went up today. Here’s how the filing says it:

“Since August 2005, Salon has attempted to sell The Well, an
online community purchased in 1999. As Salon has not found a
suitable purchaser, it has determined that it is currently in the
best interest of the company to retain this business and has
therefore suspended all efforts to sell The Well.”

We saw both interested and interesting parties during the sale period, but no dream match for a successful transition. That’s my quote in the press release.

Ready for a new chapter, rather than a new volume, and feeling good about it.


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