Salon is keeping The WELL

night crossing, actual neon rain reflections from last night, originally uploaded by me as fotogail at flickr

Seasons change, and they come back around again. Today Salon Media Group made it public: They have suspended all efforts to sell The WELL! We who work there are happy.

Back in 2005, Salon announced that a sale to an appropriate buyer would be considered. We have not been able to talk about the reversal of that intention until the SEC filing that went up today. Here’s how the filing says it:

“Since August 2005, Salon has attempted to sell The Well, an
online community purchased in 1999. As Salon has not found a
suitable purchaser, it has determined that it is currently in the
best interest of the company to retain this business and has
therefore suspended all efforts to sell The Well.”

We saw both interested and interesting parties during the sale period, but no dream match for a successful transition. That’s my quote in the press release.

Ready for a new chapter, rather than a new volume, and feeling good about it.


Web two point two

Flowing, by me, as fotogail at Flickr.

(Hmm. I have been photographing bubbles from a little waterfall on a freshwater stream for Flickr. Not intentional!)

Reading accounts of O’Reilly’s Web2.0 conference and thinking about the social and experiential side of this innovation surge. Tomorrow and Friday I’m going to attend an unconference called Web 2 Point 2 which I learned about from of course.

I’m curious as to whether this is more of a counterpoint to the Web 2.0 conference, or more me-too. Looks like some of both, protest and emulation, and that seems pretty fascinating.

Looking forward to this!

Why I am not really a blogger

— a natural rock; photo by me, as fotogail

I am not really a blogger, because more immersive architectures totally capture my limited and scattered attention.

Immersed in groups of people, in a place that looks and feels like a third place, in other words, a commons, I get captivated. (I like this classic definition by John Coate, in context, presented in antique format)  But what is difference about places where others are “on the page” from the beginning, by default? I am thinking of my intense involvement with friends and regulars at Flickr and The WELL, where I have invested a lot of care and learning about people, and where the connective structures are in place. It’s not hard to see what is needed to build out a network in blog “space,”making those connections, yet I haven’t taken that tiny extra bit of effort, since it is so easy to be captivated where I already play.

This almost a preamble to a little rant on addiction that I posted at Flickr yesterday, in the Utata discussions. (Which uses Flickr’s barely functional forum software that doesn’t keep track of what you have already read in a friendly way yet, where the intention to “create a salon” — see the Utata description — overrides design features utterly.)

And I follow by hitting the WordPress dashboard, and noting the various ways that this service does make others available for finding and bonding, with a little bit of devotion and the acceptance of the premise that the blogosphere is not commonspace. Come over to my pad, that’s how the blog meme feels, or with group blogs, our pad. The feeling of commonality is certainly attainable and richer for a lot of people, it’s just a question of putting in the time and attention actively building the connections.

(I’m going to ask some of the WELL Bloggers about this in the Blog Conference. Look for it there if you’re there.)