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Happy Halloween – and November online community presentation

Posted in Special Events by Gail Ann Williams on October 31, 2006

Here are my events at Upcoming: they include Web2point2, an unconference for where people are taking the web.

This is my proposed session: Managing and sustaining online communities for the longer run, especially the evolution of social structures and group needs over time, and how to make business and technical changes in that context. Want to talk about that? There have been recent media stories about social platforms that become fads, and then yesterday’s fads. What do we all know so far?

The prior page includes some ruminating about another issue that interests me, but I don’t want my focus to be too scattered, so if necessary i drop that one.

Also, I got Salon to add The WELL as a sponsor. I’m delighted about that! See you there?


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  1. Chris Heuer said,

    I can not begin to tell you how delighted I was when I saw your email about The Well sponsoring. As a long time fan from far away, The Well for me is a place where social computing began to take a real form. Where the concepts were put into practice and from which an era was ‘born’. It is great to have Web 2point2 connected with such an important part of our history.

    Thanks for participating and encouraging The Well to support our efforts!

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