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Tin Foil Hat Survival Kit

Posted in Uncategorized by Gail Ann Williams on October 14, 2006

“Protection from mind altering waves”

My foil hat for the evening, shot by pinhole

On Thursday we had a local San Francisco Flickr meetup.

Cygnoir proposed a hats theme – hats and masks for October – and it was easier to bring a roll of tin foil — ok, aluminum foil of course — to work for the day than to bring an amusing hat.

One of my favorite ‘net lore concepts is the tinfoil hat to protect the brain from alien (or government) radiation — and it is so easy to make one. Some clever satirist and/or opportunist has created this illuminating item, now on sale over at Amazon. If you haven’t seen it, the cover, description and especially the reader comments — hilarious customer reviews with differing degrees of being in on the joke of it all — are great:

Or for a simple stand-alone academic website that has just the right tone, see this MIT study:


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