Tin Foil Hat Survival Kit

“Protection from mind altering waves”

My foil hat for the evening, shot by pinhole

On Thursday we had a local San Francisco Flickr meetup.

Cygnoir proposed a hats theme – hats and masks for October – and it was easier to bring a roll of tin foil — ok, aluminum foil of course — to work for the day than to bring an amusing hat.

One of my favorite ‘net lore concepts is the tinfoil hat to protect the brain from alien (or government) radiation — and it is so easy to make one. Some clever satirist and/or opportunist has created this illuminating item, now on sale over at Amazon. If you haven’t seen it, the cover, description and especially the reader comments — hilarious customer reviews with differing degrees of being in on the joke of it all — are great:

Or for a simple stand-alone academic website that has just the right tone, see this MIT study: http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/


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