At Online Community Summit

This slide about video tools is from Online Community Summit (originally uploaded by me over at Flickr as fotogail)
Online Community Summit is a small annual gathering in the little town of Sonoma, California. It’s something I look forward to each year as a chance to talk with people who build, launch and manage online community tools and sites.

Yesterday, my big takeaway was in thinking about rewards and accountability or appropriate transparency for donors or volunteers at non-profit sites. Looking at sites like Green Media Toolshed and the McHummer bring up the questions of what my action actually accomplishes. Like a foundation, I as a volunteer want a little confirmation that my work can help. I as an instant satirist want my satirical message to go stir up a ruckus, so why should a bland form-letter go to McDonalds from whomever made this up?

Interesting area for thought.

More interesting discussions: taking video communities beyond You Tube.

Online Communities in India and China. In China it’s a BBS scene, very young, racy, anonymous and gossipy. In India online community is creating the first Yellow pages – there was not a paper tradition to displace.

Today the conversations continue. Great fun to take a deep breath and think about these puzzles, practices and spectacular group endeavors.


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