Comcast lets mutual customers get WELL mail there again

There was a story this morning at the San Jose Merc.

Just to get the word out, we resolved things. I don’t usually use this for work-related matters, but I wanted to pass along a public quote based on what I posted on The WELL today:

OK, I spent the morning on this. Just got off a conference call with
our tech folks plus Comcast spam, security and abuse folks.

Comcast has whitelisted us removed the blacklist for forwarding from our site to your account there, as of now, pending each of us taking some steps
to try to keep customers happy and to avoid forwarding or bouncing
identifiable spam all over the net.

They will provide us with their dynamic IP range to add to our RBL
rules. That means that zombie spam from Comcast users can’t go
through the WELL to our customers nor be forwarded by customers to
their other addresses any more. We’re also going to strongly
recommend people who forward to a Comcast address enable Spam Assassin
on our side to pre-flag spam before it goes to Comcast. This assists
the Comcast spam filtering system in getting the spam into junkmail
boxes and reducing the labor by customers reporting it to them as
spam, as well as the automated reactions by their systems, which can
cut us off.


This should work! So glad our customers are no longer getting their incoming mail hard-bounced.

There are many issues here — I am too busy helping with the short term follow-up tasks to say much at any length about trends, but WELL addresses are up to 21 years old. Some are prominant web celebs who get a ton of mail… but like with a cell phone number, people want to be able to opt for continuity in their addresses. More sites will experience the dynamics aroudn this level of email longevity eventually, and spam is not going away.


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