Plan Flickr Camp?

Wouldn’t you love to go to Flickr Camp?

(OK, this is a regular camping… er, campingcamp? picture, from last year in the mountains just south of the Oregon border. But can you imagine Camp Flickr? Indoor WiFi environment included, for show and tell purposes!)

A few months ago some of us who go to the SFlickr Social meetup things (every month, usually the second thursday) talked about doing a photo-related “camp” event.

Then pinhole went to barcamp (look it up on wikipedia if you don’t know about it) … and uploaded a planning image from a session he organized about putting together Flickr Camp. I thought that was pretty exciting.
Now the idea has taken another step towards fruition. If you can help plan or sponsor, please jump in to the wiki Mark started:

What else? You can link to blog entries and network; spread the word and spread the work around, and we’ll have something splendid.


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