challenges of categories, audiences and baseball park naming

walking to mays fieldwalking to mays field

Originally uploaded by me over on Flickr as fotogail.

I plopped this image into my Flickr photostream this weekend, knowing it was a fine thing to do in terms of recording history and providing tagged content for a few friends and the Mays Field blog.

The sign in the photo is a very cool phenomenon — Mays Field is a wonderful grassroots solution to the "Some Big Company Park" problem. The idea is that Mays Field will be the part of the name that won't change. Our ballpark has had three corporate names in six years as the regional phone company has been repeatedly gulped up and renamed. If fans call it "Mays Field at _____ Ball Park," then it doesn't matter what the owners of the team have to do to pay the bills, and we still have something we can use in natural conversation.

If you're a Giants fan, locate or download a sign, photograph yourself it around town, tag it "maysfield" on Flickr and see it on the site. It's a movement!



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