The accidental photo show – FotO2 at Oxygen

We're back at Oxygen, for a photo show on May 5th!

Through May 26 from 6:00 pm on, Tuesdays through Sundays.  Oxygen Sushi, 795 Valencia Street @ 19th, S.F. Opening 5/5 with dj ExtraLars providing a party atmosphere from 8:00p til at least midnight.

Here's the original tale of our first accidental oxygen photo show as I posted it in the Flickr discussion area at The WELL last September:


Back in May some of us put together an informal Mission Photo Walk. WELL members Art, Kay & i met up in San Francisco's Mission District with some other Flickrers (and old Fotologgers), took pictures, then went to have sushi.

what yuzu found on valencia street

(this is Kay, aka yuzu at Flickr)

One of the other participants had reserved a table for us at Oxygen at 19th on Valencia Street.

So we went over and ordered piles of sushi. this is where the story begins.

We passed around platters of sushi and unfiltered saki, and at one point
I remember suggesting each person shooting digital find their best shot and
we pass the cameras around and show what we saw, so we were doing this,
with ooohs and aaahs. The waiter came by and I said we were a digital
photography group and look at our stuff from today.

He was of course wowed, since each image he was passed was little, bright,
one of the best of the day. Quite arresting.

So I said "we'd like to have a show here." I fear I was guilty of making an
assumption about "we" since we'd never mentioned it, but it was out of my

He gestured towards the bar, and said that the boss was here.

So I got the boss and we repeated our display of our lcd screens.
The owner too was all positive and we swapped email addresses.

I wrote the first of a series of pitches and sent it off, and was not
totally blown off. I got a "we'll be working on our schedule later on and
might be interested" sort of reply.

Time passed.

When i saw some of the members of the group that had been out for that
stroll, they would ask about our show.

Eventually I said "look, we hadn't paid or tipped yet. Of course they were
positive about us having a show."


Get over it.

Then of course I got the email offering us a date! November 2005, at Oxygen!


And not only was it fun, but we're invited back, and open all over again with a new show there on 5/5/2006. DJ ExtraLars will spin something latin for us.

Here's the Flickr page we are using for a website for the show. Some of the images that were up last time are posted there:

Please come.


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