challenges of categories, audiences and baseball park naming

I plopped this image into my Flickr photostream this weekend, knowing it was a fine thing to do in terms of recording history and providing tagged content for a few friends and the Mays Field blog. Content, fine. Social interface of the Flickr site… a challenge.

The sign in the photo is a very cool phenomenon — Mays Field is a wonderful grassroots solution to the “Some Big Company Park” problem. The idea is that Mays Field will be the part of the name that won’t change …

The accidental photo show – FotO2 at Oxygen

We’re back at Oxygen, 19th and Valencia, San Francicso for a photo show on May 5th!

Here’s the original tale of the accidental photo show as I posted it in the Flickr discussion area at The WELL last September: Back in May there was an informal Mission Photo Walk, where Art, Kay & i met up with some other Flickrers (and old Fotologgers) and took pictures, then went to have sushi…

What Flickr could learn from Fotolog

How could the cutting-edge and more feature-rich Flickr have anything to learn from Fotolog, and from what customers from Fotolog experienced during the big group refugee period a year and a half ago? This question is the core reason I wanted to do start blogging about my experiences at Flickr, Fotolog, and a few other social and community sites.

When the Fotologgers emigrated to Flickr

A year and a half ago I gave up on Fotolog and followed friends in an exodus to Flickr … Because I have worked for 15 years in online communities (both The WELL and later Salon Table Talk), I’ve been on the management team when people were threatening to leave, and I’ve seen refugee groups arrive from elsewhere.